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About Watchdog

Watchdog IT Support has listened to your computing worries.

“Is my hardware working okay?”

“How do I spot a problem with the PC/laptop?”

“Is my software up to date? How do I install an update?”

“I need to get something fixed but I don’t have time!”

“Can’t someone come to me to fix my PC/laptop? Rather than me going to a repair shop?”

“How do I stay safe online?”

Just a handful of the concerns we’ve heard over the years that cause computer users unnecessary hassle.

Watchdog IT Support puts an end to your computing worries and gives you complete peace of mind, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Providing home and business users with a ‘virtual watchdog’, this clever software acts as their PC/laptop’s loyal IT specialist companion. Doing everything from hardware scans & fixes to system updates, with Watchdog IT Support you’ll never need to lug your PC/laptop to a repair shop again, putting an end to computer stress.

Prices start from as little as £6 a month with a 30-day free trial, a small cost when saying goodbye to PC/laptop worries and a big hello to peace of mind computing!

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How does Watchdog work?

Watchdog IT Support works by looking after your computer 24/7, all year round. It it designed to automatically seek out problems, fix any that crop up, and always be proactively enhancing your machine.


Question Mark

Watchdog: Check

Watchdog has an automatic scan feature meaning it will constantly check your computer for issues. It looks for everything from hardware faults, and checks for software updates, whilst also remaining alert to possible security threats.


Watchdog: Fix & Protect

After a scan, Watchdog will automatically begin fixing any issues on your computer to get it back working at full speed again. Watchdog downloads and installs any updates to not only keep software as it should but to also protect against malicious cyber threats.

Be in the know

When Watchdog IT Support finds an issue that requires specialist help, it reports this directly to you immediately. If you prefer, Watchdog can automatically generate a helpdesk ticket which will alert our experience technicians to fix the issue as soon as they can.

Remote Desktop

Watchdog: Remote Access

If something happens and you need to repair your computer, traditionally this means you have to go to your local computer repair shop. This process is time consuming and can be costly. Watchdog IT Support offers remote access support, which means that one of our experienced technicians can fix your computer through a secure internet connection.

Don’t worry

It is completely understandable that you may be skeptical when you hear that someone can connect to their machine, even if it is to fix a problem. With Watchdog, our technicians our technicians will connect through a highly secure connection. We will never and are not permitted to connect to your computer unless given explicit consent by you to do so.



Watchdog IT Support will provide you with a monthly report listing everything that Watchdog did for your computer. Watchdog reports will inform you of things like software it updated, hardware faults detected, and any malicious threats it protected against, just to name a few.

Hardware Checks

Watchdog IT Support will continuously check that your hardware is always running up to speed. You’ll be alerted if and when it finds a problem and will attempt to fix the issue. If Watchdog IT Support can’t fix the problem, a support ticket will be automatically sent to a remote technician to fix the problem for you.

Update Management

With all the different software on your PC/laptop, it can be hard to keep up with all the updates available for your system. Watchdog IT Support keeps software running smoothly by continually looking for updates and installing them when needed.

Remote Support

Sometimes Watchdog IT Support may need some help to fix an issue. That’s why as part of your subscription, you’ll have technicians on hand, ready to remote connect to your PC/laptop and solve the problem. Watchdog IT Support will automatically send a support ticket, allowing the technician to connect and fix the issue.

Internet Security

The internet is a fantastic place, full of information and entertainment. Unfortunately, there are some places that aren’t so great. Malicious programs, hackers, and ransomware are a big threat to you and your PC/laptop but your ‘virtual watchdog’ will protect your PC around the clock.

Collect & Return

When your PC/laptop breaks down and parts start to fail, ordinarily you’d need a repair technician to fix the problem. This can be time-consuming and costly. With Watchdog IT Support’s Collect & Return service you won’t have this hassle anymore. All you have to do is request a pickup, and hand it over to the delivery driver. Leave the rest to us and once it’s fixed, we’ll send it right back to you.

GDPR Compliance

Watchdog IT Support can help you stay compliant in 3 areas of GDPR.

Malware Prevention

A part of GDPR is that you must maintain relevant policies and establish anti-malware defense across your organisation.

Watchdog IT Support’s Solution

You will receive internet security with your subscription. If you’re subscribed to the Extra or Extra+ package, then you won’t have to worry about running anti-malware software or keeping it updated, Watchdog will do all of that for you.

Secure Configuration

You must apply security patches and make sure that all systems are configured securely and maintained. You must be able to quickly identify and fix any known vulnerabilities.

Watchdog IT Support’s Solution

Watchdog keeps all your software up to date and is constantly checking to see if there are any updates available for your software. Not only does Watchdog keep you updated on known vulnerabilities, it also fixes anything that might be going on in the background that you might know about.


System monitoring provides a capability to detect actual or attempted attacks on systems and businesses. Monitoring also allows you to ensure that your systems are being used appropriately against your organisational policies. You must establish a monitoring policy. Monitor all systems and networks, and analyse logs for any unusual activity.

Watchdog IT Support’s Solution

Watchdog reports to you immediately when it finds a problem, and when it can it will resolve the problem, should watchdog fail to solve the issue, an experienced technician is a phone call away on hand to help where they can.

With the new Data Protection act and GDPR coming into place, businesses are under a lot of pressure to make sure their IT systems are secure and their customers’ data safe. Watchdog IT Support reduces the pressure companies feel by automatically helping to take care of some of the points raised in GDPR.

You can read more about GDPR and Data Protection here: https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/guidance/10-steps-executive-summary