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From £6.00/month with a 30-day free trial

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From £18.00/month with a 30-day free trial

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Hardware Checks

Watchdog IT Support will continuously check that your hardware is always running up to speed. Watchdog IT Support will alert you when it finds a problem, and will attempt to fix the issue. If Watchdog IT Support can’t fix the problem, a support ticket will be automatically sent to a remote technician to fix the problem for you.

Update Management

With all the different software on your PC/laptop, it can be hard to stay up-to-date on all the updates available for your software. Watchdog IT Support helps with keeping software up-to-date by continually checking to see what needs updating and carrying out any updates necessary.

Remote Support

Sometimes your Watchdog IT Support may struggle to complete its task and fix an issue. We have technicians on hand, ready to remote connect to your PC/laptop and solve the problem. Watchdog IT Support will send a support ticket, allowing the technician to contact you, connect and fix the issue.

Internet Security

The internet is a fantastic place, full of information and entertainment. However, unfortunately there are some places on the internet that aren’t so great. Malicious programs, hackers and ransomware are a big threat to you and your PC/laptop but with Watchdog IT Support on your computer you won’t have to worry about these threats.

Retrieve & Return

When your PC/laptop breaks down, and parts start to fail, you’ll need to take it to your local PC/laptop repair shop. This can be time-consuming, costly, and a real nuisance. Retrieve & Return means that if your PC/laptop does break down, all you have to do is request a pickup, and hand it over to the delivery driver. Leave the rest to us and once it’s fixed, we’ll have it sent right back to you. Simple as that.

GDPR Compliance

With the new Data Protection act and GDPR coming into place, businesses are under a lot of pressure to make sure their IT systems are secure and their customers’ data safe. Watchdog IT Support reduces the pressure companies feel by automatically taking care of some of the points raised in GDPR.
Watchdog IT Support will give you the confidence and satisfaction that your PC/laptop is in good, safe hands. You can trust Watchdog IT Support to keep your PC/laptop running at its best.