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Where do I download Watchdog IT Support?

After you’ve gone through the process of starting your subscription with us, you’ll receive an email from us with a link to download Watchdog IT Support onto your computer.

Do I need to do anything after I've installed Watchdog IT Support?

Nope, nothing, Once Watchdog IT Support is finished installing, that’s it, you can carry on using your PC as normal.

How do I enable remote support?

You don’t need to, when one of our technicians need to connect, they’ll call you and confirm that they are able to log in, they will give your machine ID so you know they are trustworthy.

The bill in my email says I haven't paid anything?

The bill on your email shows that you’ve paid £0.00 for Watchdog IT Support and then further down it shows your monthly subscription amount. To put it simply, the first part of the bill shows the 30-day trial, no charge, that you get when you first sign up to Watchdog IT Support, and under that, it shows how much you’ll pay a month after the 30-day trial has expired.

How do I install Watchdog IT Support?

We made installing Watchdog IT Support as simple as possible. Once you’ve downloaded Watchdog IT Support, click on the installer, the installer will take you through the installation process, all you need to do is input your machine ID when prompted.

What is my Machine ID?

Your Machine ID is used to identify who you are and which service you’re subscribed to. We also use it to identify ourselves when we call you, so when one of our technicians calls you to provide support, you know it’s a genuine phone call.

How do I install my internet security?

If you subscribe to any of our services that include internet security, then you must uninstall any existing anti-virus or internet security package and ring our support line 0333 305 1800 to obtain your internet security package.

How do I know the technician calling me is genuine?

We’ve heard a lot about people getting cold calls from people claiming to be genuine “technical support” or from “Microsoft”, and many other legitimate providers, and it ends up being a scam. We thought about this while creating Watchdog IT Support, and we have a solution. When one of our technicians calls you, they will ask you for a part of your machine ID (one of the reasons why it is vital you key it in during the install process) and they will tell you the rest. As we are the only ones with access to your full machine ID, you will know it is one of our technicians on the other end of the phone.

Can I uninstall Watchdog IT Support?

Although we wouldn’t advise removing Watchdog IT Support, especially if you’re still paying for the subscription. However, if you do wish to remove Watchdog IT Support, you can uninstall it in the “uninstall a program” in your computers control panel. Don’t forget to either email, telephone or complete contact us form to let us know so we can cancel your subscription and account.

How does the monthly charging work?

Your contract with us is for the provision of services described on this website on a ‘monthly in advance’ basis. Your subscription is collected monthly following the first free month and will continue until you cancel your contract.

If you opt for our ‘Extra’ or Extra+’ subscriptions, and we carry out any support work in the first 6 months, and you cancel your subscription prior to the end of 6 months, you will be liable for the full cost of any work carried out less any subscriptions paid.

How do I get my monthly report?

We will send you your monthly report directly to you via email.