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Welcome to Watchdog IT Support

Watchdog IT Support is a computer maintenance software that gives users computing peace of  mind; computing peace of mind is knowing that your computer is safe and working properly, and if something does go wrong with your computer, it is resolved quickly and stress-free.

With Watchdog IT Support – the complete piece of mind software for home and business computer PC users, you can say goodbye to your computer worries. Watchdog can do everything from checking to see if your hardware is working properly, to proactively fixing cybersecurity issues. Watchdog acts as your PCs virtual best friend and acts as an equivalent to having a specialist IT technician looking after your PC all day, every day from the comfort of your home or business place.

You are able to understand how Watchdog is supporting your PC through our unique reporting system. You will receive detailed, easy-to-understand monthly reports on how your PC is performing so that you can recognise how Watchdog is improving your PC.

Checks Hardware

Watchdog IT Support will make sure your PC hardware is running at its best.

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Update Management

Watchdog IT Support keeps your PC up to date 24/7.

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Remote Support

On-hand technicians for peace of mind when something goes really wrong.

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GDPR Compliance

GDPR worries? Help your business stay compliant with Watchdog IT Support.

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